Shipping and Return

Buying from LUXCELLENT

Domestic Shipment (Within United States): Free Shipping
International Shipment: We currently do not ship to international locations. We recommend using a forwarding company to assist you with shipping the order, and the forwarding company can assist you with any custom issues. 

Taxes: Sales tax will be charged on all items shipped to NY.



All final sale unless Return Assurance is purchased with Seel.

Please note that all returns will be handled by Seel directly and please do not return any items to the Company even if you have purchased the Return Assurance.

Restocking Fee:

3% fee will be charged on a cancelled order (prior to entering the tracking number)

The item(s) returned must be in unused condition and the request has to be made within the return window to be accepted. 


Domestic Selling/Consignment (Within United States): Free shipping label provided by LUXCELLENT 
Consignor/Seller who chooses to ship at their own costLUXCELLENT is not responsible for any lost or damage of the item/package.
International Selling/Consignment: Seller/Consignor will be responsible for shipping the item to us (custom fee will be charged to the seller/consignor). 

*Taxes: Sales tax will be charged on all items shipped to NY.


【RETURN on Consignment】

For seller within the US and outside of the US, we are unable to perform a return once the item has been shipped to us. 

For consignor within the US, consignor may request a return for the item before the 90-day consignment expires. LUXCELLENT will not be responsible for the return shipping cost if the consignor has decided to retrieve the item before the 90-day window. LUXCELLENT will cover the return shipping cost if the item is unsold for 90 days and the consignor would like to request the item back.

For consignor outside of the US, we do not cover return shipping cost nor custom fees. However, if the item is unsold in 90 days, the consignor can continue the consignment with LUXCELLENT until the item is sold, or the consignor can request a buy-out price from LUXCELLENT and get paid immediately. 





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