General Q & A

Purchase FAQ

1. Are items being sold on LUXCELLENT® authentic?

Yes! All items being sold and/or have sold on LUXCELLENT®are authentic. We are one of the most reputable consignment boutiques in New York and have years of experiences in buying and selling pre-owned designer items. We take authenticity seriously.

COA (certificate of authenticity) can be purchased at the time of placing an order via livestream.

2. I have placed an order, how long does it take for my order to ship?

We ship an order within 1-2 business days. It take can a longer time if your order is received on the weekends or on a Holiday. Sometimes, it takes us longer time to verify your billing information if your billing information is entered incorrectly, which will trigger an alert with our payment verification team. To avoid a longer payment process time, please make sure you fill-out your billing information correctly.

3. What are the payment methods? Do you take installment payment plans?

If you purchase at our online store, you can pay with major credit cards or Affirm payment plans.

If you purchase via our live stream shows, payment methods are subject to the live stream platform policies.

4. Can I make a return request?

All final sale unless Return Assurance is purchased with Seel.

Please note that all returns will be handled by Seel directly and please do not return any items to the Company even if you have purchased the Return Assurance.

5. Why should I choose LUXCELLENT®?

LUXCELLENT® is one of the most reputable online consignment boutiques based in New York. Our company has years of experiences in the second-hand luxury market. We are not only expertise in buying and selling preowned authentic luxury goods, but also knowledgeable in the history of the luxury goods and second market values of the preowned luxury goods. LUXCELLENT® is who you will need when you purchase an authentic preowned luxury good because we priced our preowned luxury goods based on the second-hand market value, we take authenticity serious on the items we buy and sell, we buy-back some of the items with guaranteed prices, and we value each of our customers.

6. Does LUXCELLENT®ship to international locations?

Yes. Please refer to our Shipping & Return page for international shipping.

Shipping cost may vary by locations. For all international orders, if the item price or the order total over $2499 USD, we will not be able to fulfill and ship these items due to export law.

7. Can I sell my pre-owned luxury items to LUXCELLENT?

Yes, please send your selling request to Please be sure include all required photos and information so that we can quote you asap.


More questions?

If you have more questions that are not listed above, please contact us directly. Our customer specialists will answer your questions during our office hours!


Updated on Apr 2nd, 2022.



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