Authenticity Guaranteed

Authentic or Your Money Back

At LUXCELLENT®, we understand that the authenticity of the preowned luxury goods is important to you. Shopping for authentic preowned luxury over the internet is not easy. There are great amount of sellers on the second-hand market who are selling counterfeit luxury goods intentionally or unintentionally. Here in LUXCELLENT®, we have on-site experts who are skilled in art of luxury goods authentication. 


  • We make sure that, before being listed, each item has been verified by our on-site knowledgeable experts who have years of experiences in the industry. 
  • Our on-site experts review and inspect all items to ensure that the details meet the manufacturers' established standards of quality including but not limited to: stamping, stitching, hardware, date codes, serial numbers (where applicable), materials and craftsmanship.


The owner and/or representative of each brand reserves the full right of final explanation for each item's authenticity. The verification details are the conclusion of the study of our on-site experts and have not been verified by the designer brand and/or brand name.


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