How Louis Vuitton Is Changing The Resale Market Now

How Louis Vuitton Is Changing The Resale Market Now

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There is a well known saying circulated among the secondary market - buying a vintage Louis Vuitton bag is simply like putting money in a saving account. This has become only partially true because now we can simply remove the word "vintage" out of the sentence thanks to how Louis Vuitton releases their new collections. 

The theory is very simple - by pushing out limited collections that are both ICONIC and RECOGNIZABLE with controlling both quantity produced and who can purchase such products, it will drive the price up by 5% - 20% over retail in the secondary market upon initial release of the collections and help such collections maintain their value over the following years, if not decades. And it is truly important to emphasize on the two key words, ICONIC and RECOGNIZABLE. 

It is not hard to be iconic, since they can simply improvise on their most classic lines such as Monogram, Damier, etc.. And yet, it is very difficult to be consistent in aspects of quality and aesthetic. 

What is more difficult is being recognizable, namely how something can be tremendously distinguishable from the crowd. It takes a lot of ingenious ideas for design and construction, and the step that Louis Vuitton took to achieve that is classic and innovative - that is to hire a young and trendy mind (Virgil Abloh, 39 years old as of the day of writing, considered young in the industry compared with other major designers with matured styles) and to perform frequent collaborations with other designers/brands that are sometimes not even in the luxury industry (Supreme, LoL, just to name a few). 

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Nov 20th, 2019