Sell to us

Selling to LUXCELLENT is easy! Please send us an email at with photos and condition of the items. We will let you know our offer within 2-3 business days.


Photos Required:

Full view of the item

Front/Back/Sides of the item



Handles/Straps (if any)

Date code/Serial Number

Logo stamp


Signs of wear of the item


Please let us know as much as information about the item(s) you are selling so that we can provide our best quote offer to you.


Domestic (within 50 U.S. states) Selling: Free shipping label will be provided.

International Selling: Seller/Consignor will be responsible for the shipping cost.

Payment of a Sold Item: Zelle Quickpay

Consigning Period: 90 days (free to renew). Each item requires a minimum of 90 days starting from the date of e-contract date before it can be retrieved back by the consignor. Early termination of a consignment contract will result in a $50 fee. For international consignment items, consignor will be responsible for the return shipping cost.


Procedures of selling and consigning with us:

1. Send photos and condition description of the item(s) you would like to sell at

2. Receive an offer from LUXCELLENT. Reply to an offer within 7 days starting from the date of the offer received.

3. Once an offer is accepted, LUXCELLENT will email you with an e-contract to review and sign.

4. LUXCELLENT will prepare a shipping label for U.S. domestic seller/consignor and the international seller/consignor has to ship the item(s) at the seller's/consignor's own cost with full insurances and tracking. 

5. Once the item is received and reviewed to confirm its condition meet the seller's/consignor's selling description and photos, and the authenticity is confirmed by our in-house experts, LUXCELLENT will notify and send a payment to the seller/consignor. 

  5a. If an item does not meet the seller's/consginor's selling description or photos but the item is authentic, LUXCELLENT may ask for a re-quote. If the seller/consignor accepts the re-quote, the item will be proceeded; If the seller/consignor declines the re-quote, the seller/consignor must pay a $50 fee before LUXCELLENT ships the item back to the seller/consignor. 

  5b. If an item is not authentic, LUXCELLENT will notify the seller/consignor to arrange a shipment and the seller/consignor has to pay a $50 fee to cover both way shipping for this item. If the seller/consignor of the inauthentic item is in an international location, LUXCELLENT will NOT be able to ship your item back. The international seller/consignor must arrange a local person or service to pick it up because it's against the law to ship counterfeit items.