General Q & A

Purchase FAQ

1. Are items being sold on LUXCELLENT® authentic?

Yes! All items being sold and/or have sold on LUXCELLENT® are authentic. We are one of the most reputable consignment boutiques in New York and have years of experiences in buying and selling pre-owned designer items. We take authenticity seriously.

2. Does LUXCELLENT® also sell at another platform?

Yes. LUXCELLENT® is also selling on Tradesy, LePrix, and Etsy and other platforms. We are selling as LUXCELLENT on TradesyLUXCELLENT on LePrix, and as LUXCELLENT Vintageluxe on Etsy. Please check About us to find out what other platforms LUXCELLENT® is selling at.

3. Who should I contact with if I have questions about my orders on LUXCELLENT-Tradesy, LUXCELLENT-LePrix, and LUXCELLENT Vintageluxe-Etsy?

For LUXCELLENT-Tradesy orders, please contact our LUXCELLENT® team via Tradesy message box. One of our LUXCELLENT-Tradesy team members will get back to you via Tradesy message.

For LUXCELLENT-LePrix, please contact our LUXCELLENT® LePrix team via LePrix message box. One of our LePrix team members will get back to you via LePrix message.

For LUXCELLENT Vintageluxe-Etsy, please contact our LUXCELLENT® team via Etsy message box. One of our LUXCELLENT Vintageluxe-Etsy team members will get back to you via Etsy message.

4. I have placed an order, how long does it take for my order to ship?

We ship an order within 1-2 business days. It take can a longer time if your order is received on the weekends or on a Holiday. Sometimes, it takes us longer time to verify your billing information if your billing information is entered incorrectly, which will trigger an alert with our payment verification team. To avoid a longer payment process time, please make sure you fill-out your billing information correctly.

5. What are the payment methods? Do you take installment payment plans?

You can pay with credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) or Affirm (starting from 0% APR with 3, 6, and 12 months payment plans).

6. How long does it take to receive my order?

It will take approximately 3-5 business days with USPS first class mail and 2-3 business days with USPS Priority Mail. Please check the tracking information on USPS tracking page for a more accurate estimate delivery date given by USPS once you receive a tracking number. If you are an international buyer, it usually takes about 5-7 business days (excluding custom clearance time) for delivery. Please check the tracking information on USPS tracking page for a more accurate estimate delivery date given by USPS once you receive a tracking number.

*Please note that the shipping time can take longer than usual during COVID-19 pandemic.

7. Can I make a return request?

Yes on eligible items and eligible orders. Wholesale orders, final sale orders, drop sale orders, and international orders are not refundable and not returnable, regardless of reasons.

For any return eligible items, return request can be made with us within 3 days of delivery. Return request may or may not be accepted by LUXCELLENT even if a return request is made within 3 days of delivery. Customers understand and agree that LUXCELLENT reserves all rights to make a full decision on whether to accept or decline a return request. 

A return request that involves a reason that's not under LUXCELLENT's control will not be accepted. For example, a shipment delay within the carrier during transit, carrier does not deliver a package within the carrier's promised time frame, a return request that's made outside of the return window, etc. 

When you make a return request on an eligible item, please make sure our company security tag is intact and the item is unused and in the original condition. Refund will be issued upon inspecting and checking the returned item(s) received.

A 4% mandatory return fee + $35 handling fee will be deducted from the refund before issuing the refund. Return will not be accepted if our company security tag is removed or if the item returned is not the same item or in the original condition.

Customer is responsible to ship* the returned package back within 7 days after a pre-paid shipping label is issued by LUXCELLENT®. Failing to ship the returned package with the label provided will result in closing the return request and this request will no longer be opened as the return has passed the return window.

*Package tracking information must shows that the package is in carrier's possession to consider the package has been shipped.

8. How long does it take to receive my refund?

It takes approximately 7-10 business days to receive your refund to your original payment method. The actual timeframe of receiving your refund will depend on your bank. If you use Affirm to pay for the order, please contact Affirm directly as your payment is solely handled by Affirm.

9. Why should I choose LUXCELLENT®?

LUXCELLENT® is one of the most reputable online consignment boutiques based in New York. Our company has years of experiences in the second-hand luxury market. We are not only expertise in buying and selling preowned authentic luxury goods, but also knowledgeable in the history of the luxury goods and second market values of the preowned luxury goods. LUXCELLENT® is who you will need when you purchase an authentic preowned luxury good because we priced our preowned luxury goods based on the second-hand market value, we take authenticity serious on the items we buy and sell, we buy-back some of the items with guaranteed prices, and we value each of our customers.

10. How do I contact LUXCELLENT®

You can reach out to us via email. Or you may contact us through our Live Chat HERE. Our team members will get back to you during our office hours as soon as possible!

If you would like to get some quick answers outside of our office hours, please feel free to use our live chat box and our AI robot will be able to assist you while a human representative is not available.

11.Does LUXCELLENT®ship to international locations?

Yes. Please refer to our Shipping & Return page for international shipping. Shipping cost may vary by locations. For all international orders, if the item price or the order total over $2499 USD, we will not be able to fulfill and ship these items due to export law.

12. Can I request a cancellation on my order before LUXCELLENT® fulfills my order?

Yes. Cancellation on an order that has not been fulfilled is possible. Please note that if LUXCELLENT® has printed the shipping label or the package is given to the carrier (package tracking update may not be available right away as carrier may not scan the package upon pickup).

In case of a cancellation of an unfulfilled order, a mandatory 3% fee will be charged before the refund is issued.The 3% amount will be 3% of the order total.


Selling FAQ

1. How to send a selling request to LUXCELLENT®?

Selling on LUXCELLENT® is easy. Please email to let us know the item(s) you would like to sell.

2. What is a buyout offer?

A buyout offer is a direct purchase price offer. It simply means that you will receive the buyout price amount after we have received and reviewed your item(s). Once our procurement team has confirmed that the condition and authenticity meets with your description and brand's standards, we will send out your payment through the payment method of your choice. The buyout price offer is exactly the amount you will be receiving. There will be no extra fees.

3. What is a consignment offer?

A consignment offer means that your item(s) will be consigned with us for a period of time. You will not receive the consignment offer until the item has been sold and the transaction is finalized. Due to different policy on different selling platform, the transaction finalization period can be varied. We will notify you via email when your item transaction is finalized and ready to be paid. The consignment price offer is exactly you will be receiving. There will be no extra fees.

4. How long is consignment period?

Each consignment period usually lasts for 90 days starting from the date of the contract. Consignor has the option to continue consigning the item with LUXCELLENT®if the item has not been sold during the consignment period. There will be no extra fee to continue the consignment.

6. I am not in the U.S., am I eligible to sell?

Yes, international sellers and consignors are welcome. International sellers will be responsible for both way shipping and all the related fees, including custom taxes and fee. In case the item is not authentic, LUXCELLENT®will NOT ship the item back to seller as we are not allowed to ship an inauthentic item, especially to oversea. International seller has the option to ask LUXCELLENT® to destroy the item for the seller or seller has to arrange a pickup.

7. What are the payment methods?

Seller and consignor can choose from Zelle Quickpay or ACH for the item(s) sold.

Note: Please provide your Zelle Quickpay information or ACH information via email ( after you have signed your e-contract in order for us to process your payment on time.

Information Needed:

Zelle Quickpay: Please provide your full Zelle Quickpay name and email address.

ACH: Please provide Bank Name, Bank Routine (ABA) Number, SWIFT code, Bank Account Number, Account Type (Checking/Saving), Beneficiary Name on Account, Beneficiary Full Address, and Bank Address. 

8. Will I be charged for requesting for my consigned item(s) back?

Yes, if you request it back when the consignment contract has not been ended. Each consignment period is for 90 days. You will be charged for a handling fee of $50 fo requesting the consigned item back before your consignment contract ends. If you request for your consigned item(s) back after your consignment contract ends, LUXCELLENT® will mail the item(s) back to you and will cover the return shipping cost. This only applies to local U.S. sellers and consignors. International sellers have to pay for both ways shipping, regardless the contract date.

9. What is the selling procedure?

1. Submit a selling request through email at

2. Receive your offer via email in 2-3 business days.

3. Sign e-contract and ship.

4. Get paid (buyout)/Start with your consignment (consign).

10. What if my item(s) do not match with my description or it is not authentic?

A handling fee of $50 will be charged to the seller/consignor if the item is not authentic or if the seller/consignor does not want to sell/consign due to mismatch on condition description. A new offer may be given to seller/consignor for item(s) that do not match with the original description of the seller's/consignor's. The handling fee will not be applied to seller or consignor that accepts the re-quote new offer.

11. How do I get paid for my consigned item?

Consignment payment works different than the direct purchase (buyout) payment. Buyout item will be paid after the item has arrived at our office and LUXCELLENT® has reviewed and confirmed the item's authenticity and condition that matches with the original description from the seller. For consignment item, the item will still go through our review process as the buyout item, however, the item will not be paid until the item has been sold and the transaction has been finalized with the buyer. The transaction finalization period depends on where the item was sold at. It could take up to 60 days for the transaction to be finalized at some of the selling platforms as we need to confirm that the transaction has passed the return period. If a sold consigned item is returned by the buyer, LUXCELLENT® will re-list and resell your consigned item, and you will be paid only after the item has been re-sold and the transaction has been finalized.


Buy-back program FAQ

1. What is a Buy-back program?

For some items you purchased from LUXCELLENT® website, you can sell it back to us for 75% of what you bought it for. Not all the items are eligible for buy-back program. 

To find out if your item is eligible for buy-back program, please check the product listing tab. If an item is eligible for buy-back, there will be a "Buy-back" tab on the product listing. If there is no "Buy-back" tab on the product listing, the item is not eligible for buy-back program.

2. Can the buy-back price be negotiate?

No, negotiation is not eligible for buy-back program. For buy-back eligible items, the buy-back price is fixed. Please refer to the buy-back tag for the buy-back price of the item.

3. How many days do I have in order to be eligible for buy-back program?

From the day of purchase, you will have 90 days to initiate a buy-back request with us. On 91st day, if you would like to sell the item back to us, you will need to submit a selling quote to us as if this is a new item because it is out of the buy-back 90 days period.

4. What if I would like to sell back an item I purchased from LUXCELLENT® but the item is not eligible for buy-back?

You will need to submit a selling quote to us under our normal selling procedure. Only eligible buy-back item will be processed through the buy-back procedure.

5. How do I get paid for buy-back program?

You can choose from 2 payment options: 1. Zelle Quickpay  2. ACH.

*Note: Please provide your Zelle Quickpay information or ACH information via email ( after you have signed your e-contract in order for us to process your payment on time.

Information Needed:

Zelle Quickpay: Please provide your full Zelle Quizkpay name and email address.

ACH: Please provide Bank Name, Bank Routine (ABA) Number, SWIFT code, Bank Account Number, Account Type (Checking/Saving), Beneficiary Name on Account, Beneficiary Full Address, and Bank Address.

After we receive the item, it will take 1-2 business days after we inspect and verify the item before we send out the payment.

6. Is buy-back shipping cost free?

Yes, the shipping is free with our shipping label! Once you sign the buy-back agreement and email it back to us, we will send you a free shipping label via email for you to ship the item back to us. If you choose to use your own shipping service, the shipping cost will be your responsibility and our company will not refund for the shipping cost that you have paid for this shipment. Any lost or damage occurs during transit will be your full responsibility if you use your own shipping service.

7. Why my buy-back item is refused?

There are 3 reasons why an eligible buy-back item is refused upon receiving the item back at LUXCELLENT®.

1. The item you have sent to us contains more than normal signs of wear.

2. The item is a different item than the one LUXCELLENT® has sold to you.

3. You have returned not only a different item, but also a counterfeit. Our buy-back program team will contact you and let you know the reason why your buy-back request is refused. If the item contains more than normal signs of wear, we will send you a new quote price for the item. If you accept the new quote price, we will send the payment of the new quote price. If you do not accept the new quote price, we will need to charge a $35 handling fee (this price includes shipping cost for both ways) for returning this item back to you.

8. I don't see my item is eligible for buy-back. Can I still request a buy-back for my item?

Unfortunately, no. If your item does not have the eligibility for buy-back, we will not be able to offer a buy-back price. However, you can always use our selling service and sell the item back to us. Please follow the selling procedure to submit this item in order to receive a selling quote from our buying team.



Condition FAQ

1. How does LUXCELLENT® categorize conditions of the items?

LUXCELLENT® categorizes conditions into 6 conditions: Pristine (New Other), Like New, Excellent, Great (Very Good), Good, Fair.

2. What is a Pristine (New Other) Condition?

For pristine (new other) condition, the item appears unused. May contain faint signs of wear due to storage conditions. It can be considered as New (Other).

3. What is a Like New Condition?

For like new condition, Item is like new and contains very little wear. Any notable flaws or signs of wear are stated in the detail description.

4. What is an Excellent Condition?

For an excellent condition item, Item shows some wear and signs of previous use, but still has a lot of life in it. Slightly signs of wear such as worn corners, creases in leather, and tarnished hardware may be visible. Any notable flaws or signs of wear are stated in the detail description.

5. What is a Great (Very Good) Condition?

For great (very good) condition, item does show moderate signs of wear. Some of the signs of wear that can have on an item such as surface scratches, slight darkening in handles, and other indications of wear may be visible. Detailed signs of wear or imperfections will be noted in the detail description.

6. What is a Good Condition?

For good condition, Item will have noticeable signs of wear such as well scuffed edges or significant scratches. Please read the condition notes in the detail description and inspect photos before purchasing.

7. What is a Fair Condition?

For fair condition, item may have more than just noticeable signs of wear, such as tearing or broken parts. Most of the Fair condition items are priced much lower than the retail price because of the condition. Some of the vintage items may be categorized as Fair condition due to both the prior use and the age of the item. *Fair condition items often present our customers with the greatest opportunity to save significantly on authentic luxury item.

8. Can I solely depend on the condition grading for the condition of the item?

LUXCELLENT® inspects each item that we buy and sell. Our listing department will note all of the signs of wear that they notice to their best knowledge. Be sure to inspect each of the numerous detailed photos that we have taken of the item to view it from every angle. Although an overall condition can provide you an overall idea of the signs of wear of the item, and yet, we always recommend that buyer reads the detail description and view all the photos available.

If you have more questions that are not listed above, please contact us directly. Our customer specialists will answer your questions during our office hours!


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