Real vs. Fake Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings

Real vs. Fake Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings

**Before you read this post, please understand that we have added our company logo watermark on some of the photos (especially the ones that contain authentic earrings) to avoid others taking advantage of our photos. We have seen a few counterfeit sellers who use our merchandise photos to sell their products. If you are concerned with a seller who may be using our merchandise photos, please contact us immediately. We have zero tolerance on counterfeits!

These are Authentic Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings

Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings recently have become very popular earrings to own. There are numerous sellers who are selling these earrings over retail prices because of their rarity. Some of our clients mention that these are still easy to get at some of the Chanel boutiques while some of our clients claim that these are sold out at their local Chanel boutiques. 

It is very common that collectors or Chanel lovers who are unable to purchase them directly from the Chanel boutiques turn to an online second-hand boutiques individual sellers to purchase a pair of these gorgeous Chanel crystals earrings. Due to increase of demand and the rarity of these earrings, there are more and more replica of these earrings.

This is why we would like to spot out a few important points for you to be able to tell whether the Chanel A63084 Crystals earrings you have purchased from a second-hand boutique or other online resources are authentic. 

We are lucky to have a comparison of real ones and fake ones to show everyone. One of our staffs is a big fan of Chanel jewelry and she's a collector of some of the most popular Chanel costume jewelry! We borrowed her Chanel A63084 crystals earrings, which she purchased directly from a Chanel boutique in New York, to model for our real Chanel earrings. Meanwhile, we borrowed a pair of fake chanel crystals earrings from our clients who purchased the earrings from eBay. Our client has requested an authentication service from us to authenticate these earrings she purchased from an international eBay seller and our company has concluded the result that the earrings she has purchased are counterfeit. After receiving our conclusion, our client has requested for a full refund for these fake earrings from the seller. This has brought to our attention that many Chanel collectors and Chanel lovers are unable to know if they are purchasing a real or a fake Chanel A63084 crystals earrings and we would like to provide some helpful tips here!

We are trying to point out several things that we have noticed about these earrings and to let everyone know about how to differentiate the real and fake pair of the Chanel A63084 crystals earrings. Meanwhile, we will not disclose all the detail in the post because we do not want the counterfeit sellers to imitate the real pair of these earrings! 

chanel earrings

Which pair of these earrings are Authentic Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings?


Chanel earrings

The right pair is AUTHENTIC Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings. Did you make the right guess?

If it's difficult for you to differentiate the real ones and the fake ones, please continue to read about the differences that we have found between these earrings.

1. Length

By looking at these two pairs of Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings, which pair is authentic?


 chanel earrings

The ones on the left is authentic. It if very easy to tell by eyes that the length of these two pairs of earrings are very different. And, the poor quality of the fake ones even have different length between each earring. While, the authentic Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings are very consistent in length.

2. Open Box Photo

Below is how the authentic Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings look like in the original Chanel box with the retail tag.


Below is what the REPLICA chanel earrings look like in the box it comes with.


3. Post

The post between the real one and the fake one is different.

First, the backing used is different.

Second, the size of the post front (the round shape hardware) is different.

Third, the quality of the hardware itself is different.


4. Diamond Shaped End Surface of the CC Leg

 By looking at the diamond shaped end surface of the cc leg, we have found that the surface has significant difference between these real Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings and the fake earrings.

Which one do you think is authentic?

The Answer is

The left one is the authentic Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings, which have textured finish. The right fake earrings does not have textured finish.


                                AUTHENTIC                 vs                     FAKE

We hope that these information is helpful for those who also love these Chanel A63084 Crystals Earrings. They are definitely worth to own!


July 4th, 2017

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